Remember When

Alma Mater

The school's alma mater, performed only at graduation and during anniversary celebrations, was composed in the early days of Grady High School, to celebrate a new, coeducational community.

Grady we hail thee, and we sing thy praise. Faithful to thee, on through endless days,

Thee we will honor, true and loyal be. All praise and glory, Grady to thee.

Hail to thy greatness, and eternal fame. All through the ages, glory to thy name.

Thee we will honor, true and loyal be, All praise and glory, Grady to thee

All hail to thee."


Fight Song: Grady Forever

Grady Forever, hail to thy name so fair.

March on triumphant, under the colors rare--rah, rah, rah.

For the Red and Grey thy name shall ring.

We'll forever hail thy name and sing: Grady Forever, marching on to victory!



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